My name is Ken Pfeifer and I am the Assistant State Director for MUFON New Jersey and the past State Director for Vermont and Rhode Island with over 1,100 cases investigated.  I am also an investigator for NICAP--National Investigations Committee for Aerial Phenomena.  My main web site is  It is the largest in the world for UFO photos.  My UFO case file web site is with over 2,900 case files and more. My discoveries web site is with tons of my Mars discoveries.  I am also the founder of a Christian Organization called  Our plan is to lobby the Vatican to open the Vatican library for research into the thousands of books and scrolls available.  I feel that many secrets of the world is in those documents.  Please feel free to e-mail me at
Send me your strange photos and if I publish them, I will use your name as the source.....


While researching the internet for over 20 years, I have come across some weird photos.